Why Winterize with the Beepods BEErito

Beepod Winterization Made Easy

by Laura Maigatter


Why Winterize Beepods Beerito

After three years of trial and error, working hard to perfect a winter survival strategy for our bees, we are ready to bring our BEErito wrap to the world!

You may be asking yourself “But, why do I need a winterizing kit?”  

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s rather cold here (We’re based in Milwaukee, WI, so…).

Also, mice are currently scoping out their winter homes, and your Beepod is a luxurious mouse condo. They will find a way in. They will eat the honey. They will enjoy the cozy 95degree environment the bees have created, and you will be greeted in spring with a fat mouse inside your hive. Who can blame them, right?

So, you must mount a defense against these winter pests and protect your bees from Mother Nature’s cold shoulder, too.

We have created a winterizing kit that does just that!

Step One: protection from the elements.

We use a two part strategy for protection from winter weather. Part one is a desiccant to put inside your hive that works as breathable insulation. Part two is our new and improved Bee-rito Wrap. It creates a temperature neutral wind block that reflects sunlight instead of absorbing. This allows the bees to better control their internal temperature, while providing an effective block from harsh winter winds. In essence, the BEErito and desiccant act as the best winter coat one can buy. It gives the bees a chance to work less, which means less food is eaten and a significantly higher chance of overwintering success.

Temperature Measure Beepods Bee Yard

Bees keep their colony temperature at a constant throughout the winter if at all possible.  The BEErito acts as a windbreaker to the cold northwest winds which can blow out all of the warm air that the bees are generating.  Think if someone opened your front door during the winter and cold wind blew through the house, how much energy would the furnace be using to heat your house again to 70 degrees or so?

Pest Guards at Beehive Entrance

The Mouse Guard System is easy to install and will keep your bees safe and keep the inside of the Beepod from being shredded.  Mice are pesky, but with a couple easy installations, they will steer clear of the hive.

Step Two: Fending off the Mice.

We have found that mice are quite determined to get into hives, and so have upped our defenses! The Winterizing Kit includes mice guards for all four entrances and around the lid gap. Mice will chew through almost anything in the interest of getting warm, but they do not like metal. We have shown that by this process, mice have been deterred from trying to chew through the mouse guards all over the hive. Easy installation of the mouse guards throughout the hive protects the bees food and the Beepod from significant winter damage.

Beepods Winterizing Kit Includes:

  • 4 mouse guards for entrances
  • 2 mouse guards to line the lid
  • 1 desiccant for under the lid
  • 1 BEErito Wrap
  • Instructions for installation

Buy a Beepods Winterizing Kit Here

Bonus: Check out these little jerks destroying your hive.

  • Mouse Damage in Beepod Beehive
  • Mice chew up the Beepod doors in order to let their bigger brothers inside, as well.

Laura Maigatter
Laura Maigatter
Laura’s journey with Beepods really started years before becoming involved with the company. An advocate for local and sustainable food and the central role pollinators play in our food system, she will be writing about Beekeeping How To's and Bee Knowledge mostly, with some other things she is passionate about as well. Follow Laura on Instagram @LauraGater to check out some of her photos she takes.

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