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Bees are busy in the fall. This blog tells you what they're up to!

What Your Bees Are Up to This Fall and How You Can Support Them

                                          September and October are busy months for your bees. They’re working hard to prepare the hive for the cold to come, and you’re probably noticing some changes in their […]
A bee yard with Beepods equipped with the BeeRito Wrap

3 Reasons Our Winterizing Kit is The Answer to Your Winter Beekeeping Worries

It’s hard to bee-lieve winter is just a couple of months away. You’ve taken good care of your bees all year, and now it’s time to help them stay warm and safe through the cold season ahead.  You might wonder how you can help your bees maintain a comfortable hive, […]
Urban vs. Rural Beekeeping

The 4 Key Differences Between Urban and Rural Beekeeping

Interested in beekeeping, but don’t have a backyard or lush nature at your fingertips? No problem! Urban beekeeping is rising in popularity, and beekeepers have happy and healthy colonies on patios, rooftops, and other city spots around the world. While urban and rural beekeepers have the same responsibilities to care […]
Bees festoon for reasons we don't understand. We do know they're working together!

Festooning: Three Theories About the Mysterious Bee-havior Stumping Scientists and Beekeepers Alike

As beekeepers, we’re often inspired by the many ways we see our bees working together and as a community to accomplish things in their hives. Just like we help each other by sharing information, techniques, and experience working with bees, bees communicate and collaborate to get things done. But, there’s […]
Your bees will appreciate your efforts to provide them enough honey for winter.

Fall Hive Inspection Tips to Help Your Bees Store Enough Honey for Winter

While warm and balmy August still lingers, crisp fall days will be here before we know it. Just like you might start loading up on your favorite fall spices and baking essentials, bees are hard at work assembling their food stores and getting the hive ready for the colder months […]