Beekeeping For Beginners: What Education And Resources You Need To Get Started

Thanks to the rise in technology and the development of modern beehives, it’s easier than ever to become a beekeeper! Now, this isn’t to say that beekeeping is an easy hobby or profession. There are plenty of excellent resources out there to help eager new beekeepers get started. Whether you’re beekeeping to help the ecosystem, earn money from beeswax or honey, or for the numerous mental health benefits, Beepods has all the tools you need to help you start your beekeeping journey. Ready to find out more? Read on!


Get The Smarts 

What’s the first step to becoming a beekeeper? Educate yourself. That’s right, before you even think of ordering your Beepod or your nucleus colony, make sure you read up on beekeeping. We put together a list of books that are perfect for all levels of beekeeping, but if you’re looking for a great all-in-one tool, then look no further than Beepods Lab


Beepods Lab is full of excellent online learning courses that include video tutorials and printable downloads. You’ll gain access to all the beginner know-how. From siting your yard to setting up your hive to installing your bees to preparing your hive for the winter, Beepods Lab has it all, plus you’ll get a free year of membership when you buy a complete Beepods Beekeeping System!


Get The Tools


Alright, so you’ve done all the research, read some books, and went through Beepods Lab. What’s next? The tools! You need more than a hive and bees if you want to become a successful beekeeper. Luckily, we have everything you need on our website. Better yet, you can learn about them and how to use them on Beepods Lab! 


First thing’s first, you need your hive. At Beepods, we offer a vented top-bar hive because we believe they make beekeeping easier for both you and your bees. You’ll also need:


  • Jacket Veil- to help minimize stings.
  • Feather Guider- to help gently move your bees off the bars during inspections or honey harvesting.
  • Beepods Hive Tool- To help pry bars apart without damaging anything.
  • Beepods Inspection Kit- Inspections are very important. This kit has the perfect checklist!
  • Honey Harvest Box- Crucial tool for harvesting the sweet stuff.


Beepods Hive Tool

You can get all of this and more when you get the Beepods Beekeeping Complete System

Get The Community


An important step beginners overlook is networking with other beekeepers. Finding others in your area that share your passion can be a major key to the success of your hive. Other beekeepers have been through their fair share of triumphs and tragedies and can offer a huge wealth of knowledge. Plus you’ll be making a new friend! 

Local beekeepers are aware of weather patterns, how to best site a hive in your area, and any ordinances that might be in place— especially if you’re an urban beekeeper. Having someone close-by to help you out is an excellent way to become a better beekeeper. When you join Beepods Lab, you’ll get access to exclusive beekeeping Facebook groups!




We should say, just because you’ve done all your research, got all your tools, made the right preparations, and connected with local beekeepers, that does not mean that your hive is going to be 100% perfect every time. Beekeeping, while enjoyable, can have its difficulties, and it may not even be your fault. That being said, if there’s a will there’s a way, and if you think you’re ready to become a beekeeper, get ready to order your bees!

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Monica Cull

Monica Cull is a writer, part-time traveler, and professional concert goer.
Monica Cull
Monica Cull is a writer, part-time traveler, and professional concert goer.

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