Discover the Sweet History of Mead – The World’s Favorite Drink

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Discover the Sweet History of Mead – The World’s Favorite Drink

Bees provide so much for us: from sweet honey treats and beeswax for crafts, to products with numerous health benefits.. But, if you’re looking to sip on the sweeter things in life, we promise you that mead is all the buzz. That’s right, honey bees are responsible for the delicious, […]

Why Top Bar Hives Are Designed For Bees

Humans have been beekeeping for over 9,000 years. Egyptians first kept bees in clay pots made from the Nile River mud. They would even ferry the hives downriver to fertilize a wide variety of crops. Other cultures such as Celtic and South American, would keep bees in hollow logs or […]

Catching The Buzz: An Interview With Thor Hanson And The Impact Bees Have On Our Lives

The Beginning   If you would have asked me a little more than a year ago how I felt about bees I would have simply said that I liked them and that I knew they were vital for the environment. Ask me now and it’s clear bees have completely changed […]

Don’t  Hibernate Yet: Why You Should Start Planning For Spring Beekeeping Now

It sure seems like the cold weather settled in fast. We’ve already seen snow near Beepods HQ! Winter is just about here and while you’re getting ready to hunker down now is the perfect time to start prepping for spring. If you’re a newBEE to beekeeping, winter is the best […]

Why Drones Get The Boot In The Fall

Well, it’s that time of year. The chilly weather is here to stay. Time to bundle up in your cozy sweaters, sip some warm spiced tea, and watch the leaves change. Fall is such a beautiful time of year, unless you’re a drone. While the worker bees and queen start […]