Hive Inspection App Development Update #1

Beepods Hive Inspection App Login Screen

Welcome to the first progress update on the development of the new Beepods hive inspection app! The team over at DevCodeCamp has been working hard on style and ease of use design, and they sent over some working designs.

Login Screen

Beepods Hive Inspection App Login ScreenHere is a working design of how the login screen will look when a user opens the application. Its design is simple and straightforward, and very easy to use! No one wants to be fiddling around with a complicated sign-in process while they’re trying to juggle all of their beekeeping equipment.

Hive Settings Screen

Hive Settings Screen Mock-Up

Here are two possible designs for the hive settings screen. Both have options to give each hive a name, which is great for beekeepers that have multiple hives. There is also a section to give each hive a description, like where it is located in the yard or what type of bees live in the hive. If more than one person looks after a hive, there is an option to add users to each hive, so that each person who cares for the hive can enter data.

Hive Selection Screen

Hive Selection Screen Diagram

This is a rough diagram of the selection screen. This screen allows beekeepers to select which hive they will be inspecting.

Team Member Profile

Now we want to introduce you to one of the DevCodeCamp team members who is helping to develop this app:

David MerkelDavid Merkel

I am a recently graduated student with a degree in computer science. I love everything about tech and the video game industry and am looking forward to becoming a part of it soon. I am not afraid to challenge ideas as well as take criticism as I believe that communication is the key to everything in life.

In my free time I like to play Frisbee golf, weight lift, and play video games. I am a huge fan of the Packers and playing some fantasy football as well. I’m always willing to try new things and find new passions in my life.

Currently I am working on developing mobile apps for DevCodeCamp using React Native. Aside from mobile, my primary experience has been in web development (using Angular 1 and asp.net) but I am always eager to learn new technologies.


Stay tuned for more exciting app updates!




Devon Rowley
Devon Rowley
With a background in writing and biology, joining the Beepods team just seemed like the logical choice for Devon. Not having much experience with bees, she loves learning about the fascinating creatures while editing the content that her teammates write and researching for her own pieces. When she’s got some spare time, Devon enjoys reading and spending time with her beloved cats.

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