Level Up with a Beekeeping Course

screenshot of Beekeeping Level 1

screenshot of Beekeeping Level 1

Whether you are starting your first hive or an experienced beekeeper needing a refresher, the next step is to take Beepods’ Sustainable Beekeeping Level One course. In this class, expert Beepods beekeepers show attendees the basics of top bar beekeeping. Participants learn terminology, techniques, and philosophies of beekeeping and acquire an understanding of what is involved in maintaining a colony of honey bees. Find out how to use data tracking to improve colony health and create long-lasting colonies with less work. 


What’s included in the course?


Take a deep dive into beekeeping with 16 comprehensive video lessons along with quizzes and study materials. A few highlights of the beekeeping course include:

  • Considerations for siting and placement of your hive. Beekeeping should be fun, not a struggle. Carefully siting your apiary can make the hive more productive for the bees and more convenient for you. Learn everything you need to know about how to set up your bee yard and the surrounding area including what bees need to survive, how to select the best site, and how to orient your hive.
  • Equipment and tools needed for beekeeping. Don’t wait to order equipment until the time that you need it. Learn about all the tools needed to maintain and manage your honey bees. By the end of the lesson, you will know how to use standard beekeeping equipment including the Feather Guider, Beepods Hive Tool and Standard Hive Tool. Take the time to learn how to use these tools before you are out at the hive.  
  • Bees’ roles and life cycle. Did you know that nurse bees are charged with the care and feeding of the queen? Learn more about these amazing creatures such as how bees work together as one unified organism called a superorganism. You will also learn about the awesome roles of bees in a hive and how to identify them.
  • Options for installing bees into a hive. Ask any beekeeper, there’s great excitement when it comes time to install bees in a hive. Find out how to move your bees from the package to the hive in a few simple steps. Bought a nuc? We cover that, too. Install bees with confidence after completing this lesson.
  • The Beekeeper’s Mindset. Central to our beekeeping philosophy is the acknowledgment that how you behave towards the bees will dictate their behavior to you. In this lesson, we discuss what it looks like to practice polite bee-havior. We call this “Beekeeping for the Bees.” 


Get Access to Answers


When you sign up for this course, you get a Beepods Lab membership which connects you with professional beekeepers who can answer your questions quickly and leave you feeling confident about your decisions. You will also gain access to the private Keeper’s Corner Facebook community which provides mentorship and peer support. 


Beepods Lab creates sustainable, data-driven beekeepers who successfully over-winter their bees. We provide you with training, templates, tools, and access to beekeeping experts who can answer your questions. 


Data-tracking Tools


Your membership also includes access to Beepods Healthy Hive Management Software. Learn how to take a sustainable, data-driven approach to beekeeping. Along with Beepods Inspection Forms, the software helps you track the overall health of your bees and allows us to quickly and accurately address any issues you may be having. 


Earn a Beekeeping Course Certificate


A certificate of completion not only improves your confidence, it can also be helpful when applying for a beekeeping permit. To get your certificate, simply complete all of the lessons and pass all of the quizzes. Then hang your certificate with pride! 


Learn how to safely interact with your bees with the Beepods Beekeeping Level One course. Subscribe now and get started on your first lesson. 

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Bill Polacheck

Bill is a teacher, environmentalist, and freelance writer. If he's not out in nature, he's happy to be writing about it.
Bill Polacheck
Bill is a teacher, environmentalist, and freelance writer. If he's not out in nature, he's happy to be writing about it.

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