Below are a few resources to get you started with your Beepod and beekeeping:

Beepod Setup Instruction Manual (PDF)

Assembly Manual – Beepod (PDF)

Assembly Manual – Harvest Box (PDF)

Basic Hive Siting Guidelines (PDF)

Beepod Top Bar Hive Physical Footprint and Dimensions (PDF)

Beepods Equipment Orientation Training (Video)

Hive Inspection Checklist – Blank (PDF)

Hive Inspection Checklist – Completed Example (PDF)

Simple Comb Contents Inspection Form (Webpage + PDF)

Winterizing Kit Installation Instructions (Webpage)

For more information on these resources or to request help, please, fill out our service form and it will be submitted to a team member who will get back to you.  If it is urgent, please, call us at (608) 728.8233.