National Honey Bee Day 2017 Recap

"My family had a wonderful time visiting the Beepods hive at the Milwaukee County Zoo on Saturday. It was fascinating to see the display they had set up and to learn about how honey bees communicate and the different roles the bees fill within their colony. My kids especially loved getting to hold a live drone!

The presenters were very knowledgeable, and I was particularly impressed with the Beepods hive design, which seems healthier for the colony than traditional stacked box hives."

~ Andrew Griffis, Music Teacher, Eastbrook Academy

We were excited to put on an event with the Milwaukee County Zoo this year for National Honey Bee Day on August 19, 2017. The Beepods team, Zookeepers and volunteers helped to teach kids and adults all about honey bees, sustainability and beekeeping throughout the day by using our new Bee Viewer (which we are launching in the coming months) that safely holds one bar of comb and bees inside of a glass and wood enclosure.

Attendees enjoyed coming up to the bee viewer as well as touching comb and seeing old queen cells. Some kids were even brave enough to stand next to the full hive to peer into the observation windows and observe the traffic patterns of the bees exiting and entering the hive.

By the end of the day, our throats were sore from so much talking, but it was worth every minute just to show the zoo visitors what honey bees are all and to raise awareness of the need for protecting our pollinators.

Below, you'll see a few clips of video from the event:'
Brad James
Brad James is Beepods CEO. He covers the business of beekeeping and implementation of beekeeping systems from every angle -- as well as occasional other topics. Before joining Beepods, Brad has helped many startups get off the ground through implementing organizational strategy that leverages current personnel and implementing tried and true business processes that promote business growth and leadership development. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @BJJames23.

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