The 12 Things We Love About Bees

You know the catchy Christmas tune, The 12 Days of Christmas, right? The singer’s true love sure has an interesting taste in Christmas presents. I can honestly say I don’t know a single person who has ever wanted or received a partridge in a pear tree. Except maybe Erin from The Office… and that didn’t go well.

But, one thing I do know is, without bees, there would be no pear tree for that partridge to sit on. There would also be no alfalfa to feed the cows those maidens worked so hard to milk. Not to mention not a lot of food to feed the drummers, pipers, and leaping lords, etc. Is it fair to say that without bees Christmas would be ruined? We think so. 


This holiday season, we’re giving you the top 12 reasons, in no particular order, why we love bees. 


They’re Adorable

We love these furry little ladies. Their charming buzz and big eyes make them so adorable. 






They Are Incredible Dancers 


Speaking of intricate communication, did you know that bees communicate talk by dancing? Yep! Honey bees do what is called the Waggle Dance to share the location of great pollen and nectar sources. How cool is that?


Good For Mental Health


Beekeeping has been proven to be great for your mental health. Check out a recent blog we wrote about a 13-year-old Kentucky boy who started beekeeping with his uncle. 


They Help Make The World Beautiful

Is there anything better than sitting outside on a warm spring day? Bright pops of wildflowers surround you. The warm breeze gently ruffles the fresh tree leaves. Birds sing and bees buzz. Thanks to bees, we are able to have such fresh and beautiful springs! Who would want to live in a world without them?


They’re Smart


Honey bees are incredibly smart. They communicate in intricate ways, they can count, and can remember distances between the hive and flowers! 


They Are Great Builders

Honey bees build comb to store their brood and their honey! Bees build comb out of beeswax and make an almost perfect hexagon every time. Hexagons are perfect for storage because a group of hexagons together doesn’t waste any space. Another reason why bees are so smart! 


They’re Crafty 


Speaking of beeswax, people have many uses for it! You can make candles, balms, salves, and more. Check out crafting recipes in our book e-book: Recipes and Remedies Collection: Using Honey and Other Bee Products to Sweeten Your Life. There are some great honey recipes in there too!


Honey Sweet Honey

Honey is probably the number one thing you think of when it comes to honey bees. They are one of the few species of bees that produce this sweet delight. It has so many wonderful uses and it is overall pretty good for you! Did you know that a single honey bee only produces about 1 tablespoon of honey in its lifetime?


Honey’s Good For Physical Health

Not only is honey delicious, it is also extremely beneficial for the human body. Honey can be used to treat colds as well as wounds and burns


They Give Us Food

Honey bees and other pollinators are responsible for 1 in 3 bites of food we take and contribute up to 577 billion US dollars to the global economy. Without them, many of our crops wouldn’t be pollinated. We wouldn’t have fresh produce like apples, almonds, cotton, or even alfalfa to feed livestock. 


They’re Hard Working


These little pollinators work their wings off to keep their colony alive and thriving! Like we mentioned before, it takes a honey bee their whole life to produce just one tablespoon of honey! Bees can also fly up to five miles away from the hive to find food. Want to know a cool fact? According to the British Beekeeping Association It is possible for bees to fly as far as five miles for food, however an average distance would be less than a mile from the hive. A strong colony, around 60,000 bees, therefore flies the equivalent distance from Earth to the Moon everyday!” Talk about powerful little wings and powerful little ladies!


Girl Power

You’ve heard of the queen bee, but did you know that all the work done in the hive is done by female bees? That’s right! Male bees are only good for occasionally reproducing and eating honey. That might be why they get the boot in the fall. The female bees raise the brood, collect pollen and nectar, and make honey. Female bees really run the world. 


Final thoughts


As you can see, honey bees provide us with health and happiness. And isn’t that all we really want this holiday season? Bees are an incredible gift from nature and would be perfect for anyone’s true love. 



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Monica Cull

Monica Cull is a writer, part-time traveler, and professional concert goer.
Monica Cull
Monica Cull is a writer, part-time traveler, and professional concert goer.

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