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mixing up balms with melted beeswax

Which Beepods Balm Or Salve Fits You Best? Find Out Today!

The colder seasons are the perfect time to show your appreciation for all bees give us, like propolis and beeswax for balms and salves. Today, we are talking about these amazing products. While you can make your own, we also have handcrafted, propolis-infused, lightly scented balms and salves that are […]
honey souffle

Master These 5 Ingredient (or less!) Honey Recipes For Happy Taste Buds

You don’t have to look far to find recipes that include honey as an ingredient, but today our focus is a touch different: these are the best 5 ingredient (or less!) honey recipes that you must know to be an expert at cooking and baking with honey. When you have […]
sugar syrup on nucleus colonies in the bee yard

The Secret to Successful Fall Feeding: Mixing Up the Right Syrup

When fall hits the world of beekeeping, resource management becomes a huge priority. Late summer into fall is when forage availability starts to taper off, making nectar and pollen scarce. So, it’s vital you pay attention to signs of declining resources when you inspect your colony and be prepared to […]
purple crocuses bloom in a field

These Are the Top 5 Spring Bulbs to Plant In Fall for Pollinator-Friendly Blooms

Beekeepers like you, who care about the health and wellbeing of their colonies, need to know a thing or two about gardening to make sure their bees have adequate sources of forage throughout the year. Fortunately, it’s simpler than ever. You just need to know what flowers bees love, what […]
A beekeeper inspects a bar for chalkbrood infections

Mummified Brood? How to Recognize and Deal With Chalkbrood Infections

Picture this: You go to check on your bees and notice something odd at the entrance to the hive. There are small, dried up, chalky white and grey objects sprinkled around the hive entrance. These mummified pupae are one of the signs you have a chalkbrood infection, and it’s also […]