How to Change Your Students’ Lives With Project-Based Learning

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beekeeper and child in veils looking at a bar in a top bar hive

How to Change Your Students’ Lives With Project-Based Learning

Designing an impactful curriculum in your school is vital to your students’ success. One of the most exciting ways to engage your learners, and help them develop skills (or, the 5 Cs as we like to call them) like critical thinking, communication, creativity, collaboration, and content knowledge is to use […]
Honey bees sipping on a puddle of honey

Watch The Pollinators to See How We Can All Choose to Change Agriculture

The Realities of Keeping Bees The Pollinators starts in the dark of night, immediately showing the realities of commercial beekeeping that most US citizens are not aware of. Starting just past dusk, beekeepers load up and transport thousands of colonies. The workers are all back in their hives, sleeping for […]
winterized Beepod top bar hive in a field

6 Cold Weather Feeding Tips You Have to Know

In an ideal world, your bees have a productive spring and summer and head into the cold seasons with massive amounts of glorious, honey-filled bars. But even new beekeepers know that the perfect, self-sufficient, endlessly resilient colony doesn’t always exist. You have to carefully watch the weather, the forage availability, […]
dead colony in the cradle of a top bar hive

How to Set Your Bees Up for Winter Survival

Winter is a tough time for honey bee colonies. If you’ve been in the beekeeping game for a while, you’ve likely had a colony die on you before the spring thaws. So, how do you avoid having to replace your honey bee colony in spring? How do you save yourself […]
bee cluster through Beepods Bee Viewer

Don’t Miss These 4 Cluster Maintenance Tips

The day your honey bees start to cluster is the bookend to a busy beekeeping season. It can come with mixed emotions and many beekeepers are a touch bummed when their bees go into a state of semi-dormancy. You can feel helpless in the face of the chilly winter winds, […]