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Bee Resolutions For Your Best and Most Productive 2020

When you first start learning about bees, really learning about bees, it’s like a whole new world just opened up and welcomed you in. Most of us remember learning about bees, briefly, when we were in elementary school, but when you do a deep dive into the world of bees, […]

Bee Folklore for The Darkest of Days

Last weekend was the winter solstice, the so-called shortest day of the year (in terms of sunlight, at least.) It’s a spiritual time of year for cultures past and present, with an emphasis on the themes of death and renewal; in Celtic traditions, this is the time of year our […]
Honey marshmallows

7 Honey-Based, Dipped, and Drizzled Christmas Treats

Christmas is one of the best times of the year for cookies and treats. There isn’t really another time of year that embraces the sheer variety and deliciousness we see December 1st through the end of the year. In honor of the Month O’ Cookies and Treats, we want to […]
Hive mind

Hive Mind: Humans Aren’t So Different From Bees

Whenever you see a bee buzzing around outside, do you ever think, “Hey pal, we aren’t so different after all?” The term “hive mind” has been in use for decades to describe the behavior of bees, however, we see it commonly used to describe our habits on the Internet as […]

Help Beepods Give 99% to the Center for Honeybee Research 

The holidays are a festive time of year full of wrapping paper, cozy mugs of cocoa, and time with family. While twinkle lights and the wide variety of chewy Christmas cookies make this a special time of year, there is a spirit of giving that is the undercurrent for everything […]