Honey Do Monthly Beekeeping Checklists

Honey Do Monthly Beekeeping Checklists


For first time beekeepers the biggest challenge is making it easy and having the support from the Beepods team to ensure proper maintenance and care is given to your hive and bees.

Our Honey Do Monthly Beekeeping Checklists will ensure you know what you need to do each month to properly maintain your hive and keep your bees healthy and happy. We help you save bees with sustainable beekeeping methods.

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Sustainable Beekeeping Checklists


March - May: 15-40 minutes every 2 weeks

  • Install Bees
  • Inspections
  • Add Bars
  • Fill Feeder
  • Observe Hive
  • Watch For Swarms
  • Requeening

Beekeeping Activities to Perform:


June - August: 45-90 minutes every 2 weeks

  • Marvel at Your Happy Bees
  • Swarm Watch
  • Disease & Pests
  • Remove Follower Bars
  • Fill Harvest Box Stores
  • Requeening
  • Enjoy some honey, propolis, pollen, and wax from your happy bees

Beekeeping Activities to Perform:


September - November: 45-90 minutes every 2 weeks

Beekeeping Activities to Perform:


December - February: 15 Minutes to 2 Hours (depending on how much time you want to spend making things with your the harvest from you hive)

  • Order Bees
  • Build & Repair Equipment
  • Read & Study, Attend Meetings
  • Trade Shows
  • Make Specialty Products From Your Bee Harvest
  • Add Honey Bars as needed

Beekeeping Activities to Perform: