Winter Hive Post-Mortem

Charlie Koenen shows what not to do if owning a Beepod. He shows us what happens during the cold winter months in Wisconsin, but not taking care of it will lead to the failed overwintering of the hive. Charlie identifies how this hive could have survived if there had been some different maintenance choices made.

Charlie shows us what happens during the cold winter months in Wisconsin. Not taking care of of a hive can lead to failed overwintering of the bees. This colony could have survived if there had been different maintenance choices made.

Removing Dead Heater Bees

Charlie shows how to do basic post-winter maintenance to get ready for the Spring installation of some new bees.

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  1. kjacobs@usmk12.org' Kenneth says:

    It is April 18, 2016 and USM (University School o Milwaukee) is looking forward to getting a new hive this spring(already paid for a new nucleus hive). Any idea what week it might arrive? Need to plan ahead.
    Videos are very helpful for instruction. Looking forward to raising more bees.
    Thanks, Kip Jacobs

    • scott@beepods.com' Scott Offord says:

      Hello Kip.

      Someone in our customer service department can reply in better detail over the phone, however, the short story is that our bees are coming this year in smaller shifts over time instead of one big delivery. This helps to ensure a larger diversity of bees from the breeders in case there is a batch that were no good.

      This week is the first week of bee deliveries we are getting from the breeder, but it is only a very small shipment. We’ll be getting more bees every week from now until the end of May. Thanks for your comment. I hope this helps address your questions at least a little for now.

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