Healthy Hive™ Management Software Has Been Launched

top bar hive inspection software

Healthy Hive Management Software by Beepods

For many beekeepers, the ease of tracking hive health through documentation and notes is a headache. Today, we have launched an online software solution targeted specifically at sustainable beekeepers who use top bar hives. With a focus on their own design, the Beepod Beekeeping System, the Healthy Hive Management software allows for beekeepers to record regular inspection data, both qualitative and quantitative, with extreme detail.

The Healthy Hive™ Management software has a series of features to allow for organized management of multiple apiaries, or bee yards, hives and individual hive inspections. During an inspection, the software automatically imports weather data, while allowing the beekeeper to focus on their external and internal observations.

We have taken a systematic approach to keeping bees through the Healthy Hive™ Management software to create a feedback loop so that expert beekeepers can see how each customer’s hive is fairing. We launched this tool as an update to our paper inspection form, which is used to ensure a thorough inspection of the hive.

hive inspection softwareWe found that the inspection checklist was critical in customer support, so we wanted to make it easier than scanning and emailing paper forms. This software will allow us to track data from top bar beekeepers and help us to more easily troubleshoot their hives with them. We’ve been trying to build relationships with entomologists studying colony collapse issues. They are excited about working with our data because we’ve streamlined many variables involved. Our hive management tool for top bar hives will allow scientists to analyze hive data.

To learn more about our Healthy Hive Management software, visit: https://www.beepods.com/healthy-hive/


Scott Offord
Scott Offord
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